Early Childhood Research & Practice is in the process of moving to the early childhood special education program at Loyola University Chicago after 17 years at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. We are delighted by the opportunity to “pass the torch” to our Loyola early childhood colleagues.

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Volume 1 Number 2
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Symposium in Honor of Lilian Katz

A symposium celebrating the distinguished career of Lilian G. Katz will be held on the campus of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign from Sunday, November 5, through Tuesday, November 7, 2000. As both professor of early childhood education at the University of Illinois and director of ERIC/EECE, Dr. Katz has contributed internationally to the field of early childhood education through her teaching, writing, and lecturing—especially in the areas of early childhood curriculum, teacher education, and the dissemination of information.

ERIC/EECE invites paper submissions for the symposium in the following areas: (1) early childhood curriculum design, (2) teacher education, and (3) the dissemination of education-related information. Abstracts are due by May 15, 2000; papers are due by July 15, 2000.

As plans develop, more information on the symposium will be available at http://ericeece.org/katzsymposium/.

Recent ERIC/EECE Digests

ERIC/EECE published the following Digests during 1999:

Digests are short reports on topics of current interest in education. They are designed to provide an overview of information on a given topic and references to items that provide more detailed information. All ERIC/EECE Digests are available free in original printed form directly from the clearinghouse. Digests are also available on the Internet at http://ecap.crc.illinois.edu/eecearchive/digests.html. Paper copies can be ordered by phone ((877) 275-3227), email (ericeece@uiuc.edu), or on the Internet (http://ericeece.org/digorder.html).

Editor's note: Paper copies of ERIC/EECE Digests are no longer available. An archive of ERIC/EECE digests can be found on the Early Childhood and Parenting Collaborative (ECAP) Information Technology Group web site at http://ecap.crc.illinois.edu/eecearchive/digests.html

What’s New on ERIC/EECE’s Web Sites


Of course, this Fall 1999 issue (volume 1, number 2) is new on ERIC/EECE’s Web sites! With this issue, for the first time, we are including video clips with an article ("Instant Video Revisiting: The Video Camera as a 'Tool of the Mind' for Young Children" by George Forman).


The National Child Care Information Center (NCCIC) serves as ERIC/EECE’s adjunct clearinghouse on child care. The NCCIC Web site is maintained on ERIC/EECE’s Web server. This past August, NCCIC offered on its Web site a live video feed of presentations from the Child Care Bureau's (part of the Administration for Children and Families in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services) State Administrator’s Meeting.

This meeting addressed various topics related to child care administration. There were two Webcasts. The morning session Webcast included welcoming remarks by Frank Fuentes and Olivia Golden of the U.S. DHHS and a presentation titled "Planning for Quality—Communities Coming Together for Children" by Pat Montoya of U.S. DHHS, Barbara Ferguson Kamara, of the DC Department of Human Services, and Wendy Salaam of DC Agenda.

The afternoon session Webcast consisted of a presentation titled "Building Quality—Embracing Collaboration" by Steven Golightly of U.S. DHHS, Jane Hayward of the Rhode Island Department of Human Services, and Judy Victor of the Day Care Justice Co-Op in Providence, Rhode Island.

Each of these Webcasts has been archived and can still be viewed from the NCCIC Web site. Go to the "Webcast of keynote speeches" page on the NCCIC Web site to view the Webcasts. You can choose to access the video at a 28K modem speed or a 56K (or higher) modem speed. Simply click on the appropriate link. To view these videos, you will need to have the Real Player plug-in for your Web browser. This free player is available from the Real Networks Web site.


ResilienceNet is a project of ERIC/EECE and ASSIST INTERNATIONAL, INC. This Web site provides information and resources to help children and families overcome adversities. This project received start-up funding from the Bernard van Leer Foundation in the Netherlands. More than any other of the Web sites on the ERIC/EECE server, this Web site has an international focus.

Over the past several months, links have been made on the ResilienceNet "Research Institutions and Innovative Projects" page to a number of Web sites in Brazil, Chile, and Peru. These Web sites are maintained by projects that address various aspects of children’s and families’ resilience in communities in those South American countries. The sites are presented predominantly in Spanish and Portuguese. Some text is in English, and, interestingly and excitingly, some text is in Quechua, the language of one of the indigenous peoples in Peru. ERIC/EECE is happy to be part of this international effort.


ERIC/EECE works closely with the Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Services (CLAS) Early Childhood Research Institute. The CLAS Web site is maintained on the ERIC/EECE Web server, and CLAS staff and ERIC/EECE are neighbors—as we share opposite ends of the same building on the University of Illinois campus!

CLAS has collected resources related to cultural and linguistic diversity in early childhood education, with a stress on special education, and provided reviews (and in some cases, full texts) of these resources available on its Web site. As this collection grew over the past two years, finding resources became more difficult. To address this problem, CLAS has added a new search feature to their Web site, by means of which Web visitors can more easily find what they’re looking for. Users can search by preselected subject, keyword, age range, language, format, author, title, and organization/publisher.