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Symposium in Honor of Lilian Katz

This symposium, which is being held this upcoming November in honor of Dr. Lilian Katz's retirement from her teaching career at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, was announced in the previous issue of ECRP. Since then, there have been several additions to the Web site for the symposium:


The Web site contains a call for papers, a paper proposal form, general information about the symposium, a tentative agenda, registration forms, and a form through which you can request to be put on an electronic mailing list of news announcements related to the symposium. The registration form can be printed out and sent in with payment. Sometime in May, an online registration form will be added through which individuals can register for the symposium with a credit card payment.

The symposium will be held on Sunday, November 5, through Tuesday, November 7, 2000-just before the annual conference of the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), which will be held in Atlanta. The Katz Symposium will be held in Champaign, Illinois.

New ERIC/EECE Digests and Publications

The following Digests have been published by ERIC/EECE so far in the new millennium:

Digests are short reports on topics of current interest in education. They are designed to provide an overview of information on a given topic and references to items that provide more detailed information. All recent ERIC/EECE Digests are available free in original printed form directly from the Clearinghouse. All ERIC/EECE Digests are available on the Internet at:


Paper copies can be ordered by phone ((877) 275-3227), by email (ericeece@uiuc.edu), or on ERIC/EECE's Web site:


Editor's note: Paper copies of ERIC/EECE Digests are no longer available. An archive of ERIC/EECE digests can be found on the Early Childhood and Parenting Collaborative (ECAP) Information Technology Group web site at http://ecap.crc.illinois.edu/eecearchive/digests.html

In December 1999, ERIC/EECE issued Resilience Guide: A Collection of Resources on Resilience in Children and Families. This guide is based on the ResilienceNet Web site (http://resilnet.uiuc.edu/) and contains selected readings on the resilience of children and families, a list of Internet resources, a bibliography of resilience-related texts and articles, and lists of ERIC database citations. Information about this guide is available on the ERIC/EECE Web site:


What's New on ERIC/EECE's Web Sites


Volume 2 number 1 of ECRP is one of the new additions to ERIC/EECE's Web sites. See the article Linking Standards and Engaged Learning in the Early Years, by Judy Harris Helm and Gaye Gronlund, which contains a Powerpoint presentation that can be viewed online or downloaded and viewed locally.


On the Clearinghouse's main Web site, we have made available three Digests in Korean. These Digests are translations of the following English Digests:

These Digests can all be accessed from the Korean Digests page at:


Please note that ERIC/EECE's Digests in Chinese and Spanish are available on the Chinese Digests and Spanish Digests pages:



Also on the ERIC/EECE Web site is a new and improved search engine. To search the ERIC/EECE Web site, see the page: http://ericps.crc.uiuc.edu/cgi-bin/texis/webinator/eecesearch/
Editor's note: Paper copies of ERIC/EECE Digests are no longer available. An archive of ERIC/EECE digests can be found on the Early Childhood and Parenting Collaborative (ECAP) Information Technology Group web site at http://ecap.crc.illinois.edu/eecearchive/digests.html


A substantial redesign of the National Parent Information Network (NPIN) Web site was unveiled in December 1999. NPIN can be found at: http://npin.orgEditor's note: As of December 31, 2003, the National Parent Information Network has been discontinued. The information in the following section of this publication may not be current. While the same resources that were available in the old NPIN are still there in the new version, the content has been reorganized somewhat to make it easier to find information. The site was also graphically redesigned. The redesigned NPIN site contains:

The Virtual Library is the heart of NPIN. This section contains book reviews, descriptions of parenting newsletters and magazines, a link to the parenting resources at the ERIC Clearinghouse on Urban Education (ERIC/EECE's partner in NPIN), and the main library of full-text resources.

The full-text resources are booklets, pamphlets, brochures, papers, guides, etc., produced from various sources, that can be downloaded and used right from the Web site. As of April 2000, there are approximately 425 full-text resources in this section. NPIN staff add around 10 new items monthly to the Virtual Library. Users can also search the resources in the Virtual Library using the NPIN search engine.

Since the last issue of ECRP was published, NPIN has published two issues of its Parent News magazine. Each issue of Parent News contains a feature article, a community spotlight, articles of general interest to parents, and lists of resources.

The feature article for the January-February 2000 issue of Parent News was "Standardized Testing in Schools" by Peggy Patten. For the March-April 2000 issue, the feature article was "Zero-Tolerance: What Parents Should Know" by Anne S. Robertson.

Editor's note: As of December 31, 2003, the National Parent Information Network has been discontinued. The information in the following section of this publication may not be current.

Reading Pathfinder

Reading Pathfinder is a project that identifies reading-related resources on the Web and provides access to those resources from a searchable database on the project's Web site. The goal of Reading Pathfinder is to make available those resources that will help children become competent readers by third grade. To this end, Reading Pathfinder staff search the Web for relevant and good-quality resources. Information about these resources is then added to the Reading Pathfinder database. From the Reading Pathfinder Web site, visitors can search that database to find those resources. The search feature presents links to those resources in response to users' questions, so that users can go straight to the information that will help them answer their question.

You can find the Reading Pathfinder Web site at: http://readingpath.org/

The Web site contains several pages of text that explain various issues related to helping children learn to read. There is a glossary of common terms used by professionals in reading education. There is also a list of "prepared" questions and topics that users can select to search the database. These include such questions and topics as "What is the role of literacy in education in the U.S.?" and "Preschooler Literacy Development in English" (and ... "in Spanish").


ResilienceNet is a project of ERIC/EECE and ASSIST INTERNATIONAL, INC. This Web site provides information and resources related to the resilience of children and families in the face of various adversities. This Web site has recently been translated into Spanish. The English version of the site is available at: http://resilnet.uiuc.edu/

La página "Home" de ResilienceNet en español se puede encontrar en esta dirección: http://resilnet.uiuc.edu/espanol/index-sp.html

Translations are provided for the home page and the secondary pages. The actual textual resources themselves are provided in their original language. Most of these resources are in English, although there are a number of texts in the Virtual Library that are in Spanish, and a few in Chinese. There are links to other Internet sites in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Quechua.


The National Association of Early Childhood Specialists in State Departments of Education (NAECS/SDE) is a national organization for state education agency staff members with major responsibilities in the field of early childhood education. On the NAECS/SDE Web site, the task of uploading to the Web all the back issues of the Association's newsletter Of Primary Interest is just now being completed. The newsletter starts with volume 1 number 1 from Winter 1993. Visit this Web site at: http://ericps.crc.uiuc.edu/naecs/

The Web site also contains, among other resources, a collection of NAECS/SDE Position Papers.