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Volume 3 Number 2
©The Author(s) 2001

Multicultural Education and Children's Picture Books:
Selected Citations from the ERIC Database

ERIC Documents

ED433394 UD033080
Title: Art or Propaganda? Pedagogy and Politics in Illustrated African-American Children's Literature since the Harlem Renaissance.
Author(s) Thompson, Audrey
Pages: 53
Publication Date: April 23, 1999
Notes: Paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the American Educational Research Association (Montreal, Quebec, Canada, April 19-23, 1999).
Available from: EDRS Price MF01/PC03 Plus Postage.
Document Type: Information Analysis (070); Speeches/meeting papers (150)

This paper explores assumptions about children's political thinking as reflected in African American children's literature, with particular attention to picture books and illustrated magazine stories. Framed in terms of the "art or propaganda" distinction that the Harlem Renaissance philosopher Alain Locke used to clarify the role of art in social change, the paper discusses how African American children's literature since the Harlem Renaissance has taken up issues of race and racism. Many books have been intended to combat racism, but neither the artistic nor political merits of a book guarantee its success in an antiracist curriculum. One contribution that educational research can make is challenging the assumption by white teachers that a well-intentioned book will not be offensive to people of color. Research can help sensitize teachers to the issues they need to consider and it can provide a context for deciding the appropriateness of a particular book in the classroom. The example of the book "Nappy Hair" by Carolivia Herron shows that a book may be regarded very differently by different groups. (Contains 22 endnotes and 64 references.) (SLD)

Descriptors: Beliefs; *Black Literature; Black Stereotypes; *Blacks; Children; *Childrens Literature; *Cultural Awareness; Multicultural Education; Picture Books; *Politics; Racial Bias; *Racial Discrimination
Identifiers: *African Americans; Harlem Renaissance; *Locke (Alain Leroy)

ED420868 CS216387
Title: Canadian Multicultural Picture Books.
Author(s) Bainbridge, Joyce; Pantaleo, Sylvia; Ellis, Monica
Pages: 23
Publication Date: March 1998
Notes: Paper presented at the Annual Spring Conference of the National Council of Teachers of English (Albuquerque, NM, March 19-21, 1998).
Available from: EDRS Price MF01/PC01 Plus Postage.
Document Type: Information Analysis (070); Speeches/meeting papers (150)

Educators have a particular interest in multicultural education and the use of literature as an avenue for the exploration and celebration of diversity within Canada. There is a need to understand the interdependence of all people in a global culture and an urgent need for peace and understanding. Five works of children's literature "Very Last First Time" by J. Andrews, "Ghost Train" by P. Yee, "How Smudge Came" by N. Gregory, "Red Parka Mary" by P. Eyvindson, and "The Moccasin Goalie" by W. Brownridge) depict a wide range of minorities and issues of discrimination--age, gender, physical and mental disability, and ethnicity. Research has shown that storybook reading accompanied by discussion can significantly improve a child's acceptance of difference. With this in mind, it is up to individual teachers to select multicultural books for their classes, and allow time to discuss the issues that arise from them. The early years in preschool and in the elementary grades are important in developing attitudes and values that are compatible with current expectations and circumstances within Canadian society. Multicultural children's books can be used effectively as means for coming to understand individual human stories, and the universal emotions and themes they contain. Appended is a list of Canadian Multicultural Picture Books (fiction). contains 23 references. (RS)

Descriptors: *Childrens Literature; Diversity (Student); Elementary Education; Ethnicity; Foreign Countries; *Multicultural Education; *Picture Books; Reading Material Selection; Social Discrimination
Identifiers: *Canada; *Multicultural Literature

ED419248 CS216343
Title: Gender Stereotypes in Children's Picture Books.
Author(s) Narahara, May M.
Pages: 22
Publication Date: 1998
Notes: Exit Project EDEL 570, University of California, Long Beach.
Available from: EDRS Price MF01/PC01 Plus Postage.
Document Type: Reports--Research (143)

Research has examined how gender stereotypes and sexism in picture books affect the development of gender identity in young children, how children's books in the last decade have portrayed gender, and how researchers evaluate picture books for misrepresentations of gender. A review of the research indicated that gender development is a critical part of the earliest and most important learning experiences of a young child. Picture books provide role models for children in defining standards for feminine and masculine behavior; gender stereotypes and sexism limit children's potential growth and development; non-sexist books can produce positive changes in self-concept, attitudes, and behavior; and picture books in the last decade have shown some improvement in reducing stereotypes, but subtle stereotypes still exist. Recommendations include: teachers, parents, and care-givers need to be critical in evaluating books they plan to share with young children; teachers and parents need to become familiar with criteria for evaluating books; teachers need to be critical in selecting multicultural literature; more minorities, particularly authors of Mexican American and African American ethnicity, need to write fiction for young children that authenticate their heritage; universities need to train teachers to be aware of the use of male-dominated language and the positive benefits of using non-sexist books and classroom materials; and research on books published should continue. (Contains 21 references, appendixes contain a checklist for sexism in children's literature, and two tables and two figures of data. (RS)

Descriptors: *Childrens Literature; Elementary Education; Fiction; *Multicultural
Education; *Picture Books; Reading Material Selection; Reading Research; *Sex Stereotypes; Sexism in Language; Teacher Role
Identifiers: *Gender Issues

ED413926 IR056758
Title: Multicultural Diversity of Children's Picture Books: Robert Fulton Elementary School Library.
Author(s) Mosely, Joyce J.
Pages: 37
Publication Date: July 1997
Notes: Master's Research Paper, Kent State University.
Available from: EDRS Price MF01/PC02 Plus Postage.
Document Type: Dissertations/Theses (040); Reports--Evaluative (142)

The United States has a culturally diverse society. Since children are influenced by what they see and hear at a young age, the aim of this study was to determine if the picture book collection of the Robert Fulton Elementary School Library (Cleveland, Ohio) reflects the cultural diversity of its students. The secondary objective was to ensure that students have materials to learn about a diversity of cultures, and the ability to develop a sense of themselves in the books they read. A content analysis was conducted of 143 books in a sample of 201 picture books. Each book was analyzed for: ethnic representation of characters, central and incidental; ethnicity in terms of roles and gender; the importance of the family to the characters and the story; the authenticity and realism of the races portrayed; and whether children would be positively or negatively affected by the content of the book. The characters in the majority of the titles were realistic and little stereotyping was found. There is a need for more books on the cultures of African Americans, Hispanics, Asians, and Native Americans in the collection of this library. If a school is predominantly African American, then the collection of the library should reflect that fact. Publishers need to make a greater effort to find multicultural authors and publish more multicultural books. (Contains 42 references.) (Author/SWC)

Descriptors: American Indians; Asian Americans; Blacks; Childrens Literature; Content Analysis; Cultural Awareness; Cultural Education; Cultural Enrichment; *Cultural Pluralism; *Cultural Relevance; Elementary Education; Ethnic Groups; Family (Sociological Unit); Hispanic Americans; Library Collection Development; Library Material Selection; *Multicultural Education; *Picture Books; Racial Distribution; *School Libraries; Sex Role; User Needs (Information)
Identifiers: *Multicultural Literature; Multicultural Materials

ED412168 SO028520 Title: Picture Books as a Social Studies Resource in the Elementary School Classroom. ERIC Digest.
Author(s) Manifold, Marjorie Cohee
Author Affiliation: ERIC Clearinghouse for Social Studies/Social Science Education, Bloomington, IN.(BBB24392)
Pages: 4
Publication Date: March 1997
Sponsoring Agency: Office of Educational Research and Improvement (ED), Washington, DC. (EDD00036)
Contract No: RR93002014
Report No: EDO-SO-97-4
Available from: EDRS Price MF01/PC01 Plus Postage.
Availability: ERIC Clearinghouse for Social Studies/Social Science Education, 2805 East Tenth Street, Suite 120, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN 47408; phone: 812-855-3838, 800-266-3815.
Document Type: ERIC product (071); ERIC digests in full text (073)
Target Audience: Practitioners; Teachers

Picture books are useful tools for teaching many abstract and complex concepts of the social studies at the elementary level. They allow students to develop visual literacy through sustained viewing time necessary for exploration, critique, and reflection on the images portrayed. Numerous examples of picture books are presented to support such development. This digest is divided into eight sections: (1) Introduction; (2) "Images as Allegories"; (3) "Historic Photographers and Artists"; (4) "Illustrated Storyboard Narrative"; (5) "Illustrated Timelines"; (6) "Multicultural Education through Diverse Socio-Cultural Images"; (7) "Developing Social Empathy through Pictures"; and (8) "Focal Points of Lessons on Human Similarities and Differences." Contains six additional resources. (EH)

Descriptors: *Childrens Literature; Critical Thinking; Critical Viewing; Elementary Education; *Elementary School Curriculum; Global Education; Illustrations; Instructional Materials; Multicultural Education; *Picture Books; *Social Studies; *Visual Literacy; Visual Perception
Identifiers: ERIC Digests

ED420071 CS216364
Title: The New Press Guide to Multicultural Resources for Young Readers.
Author(s) Muse, Daphne, Ed.
Pages: 704
Publication Date: 1997
ISBN: 1-56584-339-8
Available from: Document Not Available from EDRS.
Availability: The New Press, 450 West 41st Street, New York, NY 10036 ($60).
Document Type: Book (010); Guides--Non-classroom (055); Reference materials (130)

This comprehensive guide to multicultural children's literature features over 1,000 critical and detailed book reviews for pre-school, elementary, and middle school students. The reviews in the guide cover a vast range of picture books, biographies, poetry, anthologies, folktales, and young adult novels, and include synopses, suggestions for classroom use, and assessments of key elements such as cultural sensitivity of text and illustrations. The guide's reviews are organized using an innovative thematic approach designed to aid teachers and parents in integrating these works into existing reading lists and at home. The guide also contains essays by leading writers and educators on key issues in multicultural education, such as recent immigrant experiences, human rights, and building cross-cultural relationships, as well as classics like the Council on Interracial Books for Children's "10 Quick Ways To Analyze Children's Books for Racism and Sexism." Also included are illustrations, timelines, sidebars, lesson plans, and vignettes showing how to incorporate multicultural books into the curriculum. Information on multimedia resources including films, videos, and CD-ROMS is provided. The guide contains an index of authors, illustrators, titles, and ethnicities. (NKA)

Descriptors: *Adolescent Literature; Biographies; Book Reviews; *Childrens Literature; *Cultural Context; Elementary Education; Fiction; *Literary Criticism; Literature Appreciation; Middle Schools; *Multicultural Education; Picture Books; Poetry; Preschool Education; Resource Materials; *Thematic Approach
Identifiers: Cultural Sensitivity; Folktales; *Multicultural Literature

ED415507 CS216145
Title: Kaleidoscope: A Multicultural Booklist for Grades K-8. Second Edition,
Covering Books Published from 1993-95. NCTE Bibliography Series.
Author(s) Barrera, Rosalinda B., Ed.; Thompson, Verlinda D., Ed.; Dressman, Mark, Ed.
Author Affiliation: National Council of Teachers of English, Urbana, IL.(BBB05210)
Pages: 257
Publication Date: 1997
Notes: For the previous edition, see ED 375 424.
ISBN: 0-8141-2541-7
ISSN: 1051-4740
Available from: EDRS Price MF01/PC11 Plus Postage.
Availability: National Council of Teachers of English, 1111 W. Kenyon Road, Urbana, IL 61801-1096 (Stock No. 25417-3050: $12.95 members, $16.95 nonmembers).
Document Type: Reference materials--Bibliographies (131)
Target Audience: Practitioners

This second edition bibliography, like its predecessor, offers educators and other interested readers a guide to some of the most compelling multicultural literature for elementary and middle school students. It includes annotations of almost 600 nonfiction and fiction texts published from 1993 to 1995 that focus on people of color, particularly African Americans, Asian Americans, Latinos/Hispanic Americans, and Native Americans. Most annotations identify the particular country, nationality, or ethnic group of the characters and setting. Chapters group books by genre or theme rather than by cultural group, however, to emphasize both cultural diversities and similarities. Nonfiction is divided into "People and Places, "Ceremonies and Celebrations," "Understanding the Past: History," "Social and Environmental Issues," "Concepts and Other Useful Information," and "The Arts." Fiction entries are divided primarily by age level, with books for the very young, picture books, fiction for intermediate readers, and novels for older readers. Other categories include "Individuals To Know: Biography and Autobiography," "Poetry, Verse, and Song," "Folktales, Myths, and Legends: Old and New," and "Anthologies." Also included are a detailed subject index; a list of resources pertaining to multicultural literature; a list of award-winning works of poetry, fiction, drama, and nonfiction for young readers given from 1993 to 1997; a guide to ordering books; and indexes of authors, illustrators, and titles. (RS)

Descriptors: *Adolescent Literature; Annotated Bibliographies; Anthologies; *Childrens Literature; Cultural Differences; Elementary Education; Ethnic Groups; *Fiction; Folk Culture; Foreign Countries; Junior High Schools; Middle Schools; Multicultural Education; *Nonfiction; Picture Books; Poetry
Identifiers: *Multicultural Literature; Multicultural Materials; *Trade Books

ED406681 CS215811
Title: Building Bridges with Multicultural Picture Books for Children 3-5.
Author(s) Beaty, Janice J.
Pages: 282
Publication Date: 1997
ISBN: 0-13-400102-8
Available from: Document Not Available from EDRS.
Availability: Merrill Prentice-Hall, Order Processing, P.O. Box 11071, Des Moines, IA 50336-1071 ($32).
Document Type: Book (010); Guides--Classroom--Teacher (052)
Target Audience: Practitioners; Teachers

Focusing on the common bonds of all children everywhere while honoring their differences, this book shows teachers how to choose appropriate picture books, how to lead children into book extension activities featuring multicultural characters, and how to develop an entire multicultural curriculum with these books. Each chapter in the book concludes with learning activities, references, additional reading, and (in most chapters) lists of children's books and software programs. Chapters in the book are (1) Discovering Common Bonds; (2) Choosing Appropriate Picture Books; (3) Developing Self-Esteem; (4) Relating to Family Members; (5) Getting Along with Other Children; (6) Engaging in Physical Expression; (7) Speaking Other Language; (8) Eating Fine Foods; (9) Creating Arts and Crafts; (10) Making Music and Dance; (11) Caring about the Earth; and (12) Creating a Multicultural Curriculum. An approximately 750-item topical children's book list is attached. (RS)

Descriptors: Art Activities; *Childrens Literature; Class Activities; Classroom Techniques; Curriculum Development; Diversity (Student); Early Childhood Education; Fine Arts; Interpersonal Relationship; *Multicultural Education; Physical Activities; *Picture Books; *Reading Material Selection; Second Languages; Self Esteem

Journal Articles

EJ607816 CS759331
Title: Beyond Mulan: Rediscovering the Heroines of Chinese Folklore.
Author(s) Li, Suzanne D.
Source: New Advocate, v13 n2 p143-55 Spr 2000
Publication Date: 2000
ISSN: 0895-1381
Document Type: Journal articles (080); Opinion papers (120); Reference materials--Bibliographies (131)

Notes how sadly the Disney treatment of the story of Mulan reduced both the character Mulan and the story's broad appeal. Presents and critiques four picture book versions of the Mulan legend. Discusses 16 picture books of original folklore based on authentic Chinese sources. Concludes with criteria for evaluating Chinese folklore in picture books. (SR)

Descriptors: *Adolescent Literature; *Childrens Literature; *Cultural Awareness; Elementary Secondary Education; Evaluation Criteria; Folk Culture; Foreign Countries; *Multicultural Education; *Picture Books
Identifiers: *China

EJ606392 CS759260
Title: "Reading the Word and the World" within a Literature Curriculum.
Author(s) Enciso, Patricia; Rogers, Theresa; Marshall, Elizabeth; Jenkins, Christine; Brown, Jacqueline; Core, Elizabeth; Cordova, Carmen; Youngsteadt-Parish, Denise; Robinson, Dwan
Source: New Advocate, v12 n1 p89-103 Win 1999
Publication Date: 1999
ISSN: 0895-1381
Document Type: Journal articles (080); Reference materials--Bibliographies (131); Reports--Descriptive (141)

Describes 19 children's books (published between 1196 and 1998), in categories of poetry, picture books, participation books, chapter books for older readers, and nonfiction. Discusses them in tandem with landmark books to reflect on social and historical contexts and to help teachers talk with children about the enduring images and changing perspectives that affect their views of themselves and others. (SR)

Descriptors: *Childrens Literature; Elementary Education; Multicultural Education; Nonfiction; Picture Books; Poetry; Reading Material Selection; Reading Materials; Social Change; Social Influences

EJ596110 SO531752
Title: Multicultural Picture Books: Perspectives from Canada.
Author(s) Bainbridge, Joyce M.; Pantaleo, Sylvia; Ellis, Monica
Source: Social Studies, v90 n4 p183-88 Jul-Aug 1999
Publication Date: 1999
ISSN: 0037-7996
Document Type: Guides--Classroom--Teacher (052); Journal articles (080); Reports--Descriptive (141)

Conveys that multicultural children's literature can support and encourage tolerance and understanding among children. Presents information about multiculturalism in Canada and gives criteria to help teachers select multicultural literature. Suggests a number of picture books that may be used to encourage positive attitudes toward difference at all elementary grade levels across the curriculum. (CMK)

Descriptors: *Childrens Literature; *Cultural Differences; Cultural Pluralism; *Diversity (Student); Elementary Education; Foreign Countries; *Multicultural Education; *Picture Books; Reading Material Selection; *Social Studies; Student Attitudes
Identifiers: *Canada

EJ594691 CS757970
Title: Ten International Books for Children.
Author(s) Yokota, Junko
Source: Journal of Children's Literature, v25 n1 p48-54 Spr 1999
Publication Date: 1999
Notes: Theme: A Global Perspective--Children's Literature in an International Context.
ISSN: 1521-7779
Availability: Children's Literature Assembly of the National Council of Teachers of English, The Ohio State University, School of Teaching and Learning, 333 Arps Hall, 1945 North High Street, Columbus, OH 43210-1172.
Document Type: Journal articles (080); Reference materials--Bibliographies (131)

Presents a 10-item annotated bibliography of unfamiliar international novels and picture books set in contemporary times. Considers how international books offer children in the United States an opportunity to read the best texts and view the best illustrations of books published abroad. Seeks to balance representation across various countries and discusses where to look for recommendations of international books. (SC)

Descriptors: Annotated Bibliographies; *Childrens Literature; *Cultural Awareness; Elementary Education; *Illustrations; *Multicultural Education; *Novels; *Picture Books

EJ594687 CS757966
Title: Picture Books: A European Perspective.
Author(s) Cotton, Penni
Source: Journal of Children's Literature, v25 n1 p18-27 Spr 1999
Publication Date: 1999
Notes: Theme: A Global Perspective--Children's Literature in an International Context.
ISSN: 1521-7779
Availability: Children's Literature Assembly of the National Council of Teachers of English, The Ohio State University, School of Teaching and Learning, 333 Arps Hall, 1945 North High Street, Columbus, OH 43210-1172.
Document Type: Guides--Non-classroom (055); Journal articles (080)
Journal Announcement: CIJMAY2000

Describes the author's experience sharing picture books with children from different countries while she absorbed the stories, language, and culture. Discusses the recent emergence and popularity of the picture book with its polysemic nature, interdependency of picture and text, universality of themes, and its potential to speak across nations. (SC)

Descriptors: *Childrens Literature; *Cultural Awareness; Elementary Education; Ethnic Relations; *Illustrations; *Intercultural Communication; *Multicultural Education; *Picture Books

EJ583490 CS757083
Title: Cultural Diversity + Supportive Text = Perfect Books for Beginning Readers.
Author(s) Opitz, Michael F.
Source: Reading Teacher, v52 n8 p888-90 May 1999
Publication Date: 1999
ISSN: 0034-0561
Document Type: Journal articles (080); Reference materials--Bibliographies (131)
Journal Announcement: CIJNOV1999

Offers brief annotations of 21 picture books that address cultural diversity while offering language that supports beginning readers. Includes a chart noting which language features that support beginning readers are part of each book. (SR)

Descriptors: Annotated Bibliographies; *Beginning Reading; *Childrens Literature; *Multicultural Education; *Picture Books; Primary Education; Reading Material Selection; Reading Materials

EJ580324 PS528970
Title: An Exploration of the Uses of Children's Books as an Approach for Enhancing Cultural Diversity.
Author(s) Pardeck, John T.; Pardeck, Jean A.
Source: Early Child Development and Care, v147 p25-31 Aug 1998
Publication Date: 1998
Notes: Special Issue on "Children and Diversity."
ISSN: 0300-4430
Document Type: Journal articles (080); Reports--Research (143)
Journal Announcement: CIJSEP1999

Offers strategies for using children's books as tools for teaching able-bodied children about the unique needs of children with disabilities and how disabilities are an important aspect of cultural diversity. Notes five genres for conducting bibliotherapy: fiction, nonfiction, self-help books, fairy tales, and picture books. Provides an annotated list of children's books focusing on the topic of disabilities. (JPB)

Descriptors: *Annotated Bibliographies; Bibliotherapy; *Childrens Literature; Cultural Differences; *Disabilities; Elementary Education; Fairy Tales; Fiction; *Multicultural Education; Nonfiction; Picture Books

EJ569667 UD520834
Title: Who Belongs Here? Portraying American Identity in Children's Picture Books.
Author(s) Steiner, Stanley F.
Source: MultiCultural Review, v7 n2 p20-27 Jun 1998
Publication Date: 1998
ISSN: 1058-9236
Document Type: Journal articles (080); Reports--Descriptive (141)
Journal Announcement: CIJMAR1999

Provides examples of children's literature that can be used to begin dialogs on issues of similarities, differences, prejudice, exclusion and inclusion, violence, and social justice. Picture books chosen for broad appeal and multiple uses, even with older students, are described. (SLD)

Descriptors: *Childrens Literature; *Cultural Awareness; Cultural Differences; Dialogs (Language); Elementary Education; Interpersonal Communication; *Multicultural Education; *Picture Books; Preschool Education; *Racial Bias; *Violence
Identifiers: Similarity (Concept); *Social Justice

EJ562410 CS755223
Title: Visiting South Africa through Children's Literature: Is it Worth the Trip? South African Educators Provide the Answer.
Author(s) Labbo, Linda D.; Field, Sherry L.
Source: Reading Teacher, v51 n6 p464-75 Mar 1998
Publication Date: 1998
ISSN: 0034-0561
Document Type: Journal articles (080); Reports--Research (143)
Journal Announcement: CIJOCT1998

Shares South African educators' perspectives on 17 selected picture books about South Africa. Finds that they highly recommend these books. Offers their comments and cautions about the extent to which these books accurately portray life in South Africa. Offers suggestions for teachers who want to use such books to promote awareness and appreciation of the perspectives of other cultures. (SR)

Descriptors: *Childrens Literature; Cultural Differences; Cultural Pluralism;
Educational Research; Elementary Education; *Foreign Countries; *Multicultural
Education; *Picture Books; *Teacher Attitudes
Identifiers: *South Africa

EJ555288 CS754364
Title: Reexamining the Issue of Authenticity in Picture Books.
Author(s) Mo, Weimin; Shen, Wenju
Source: Children's Literature in Education, v28 n2 p85-93 Jun 1997
Publication Date: 1997
ISSN: 0045-6713
Document Type: Journal articles (080); Reports--Evaluative (142)
Journal Announcement: CIJMAY1998

Examines picture books portraying Asian societies as a means to discuss the criteria of authenticity (not simply nonstereotypes) in both the literature and artwork of picture books. Discusses authenticity and cultural acceptance in terms of both story selection and adaptation, authenticity and cultural conventions (in terms of value implications), and authenticity in artwork. (SR)

Descriptors: *Childrens Literature; Cultural Differences; Cultural Pluralism; Elementary Secondary Education; Ethnic Stereotypes; Multicultural Education; *Picture Books
Identifiers: Asian Culture; *Authenticity

EJ540752 CS753195
Title: Issues of Representation: Caldecott Gold Medal Winners 1984-1995.
Author(s) Albers, Peggy
Source: New Advocate, v9 n4 p267-85 Fall 1996
Publication Date: 1996
ISSN: 0895-1381
Document Type: Journal articles (080); Opinion papers (120); Reports--Evaluative (142)
Journal Announcement: CIJAUG1997

Investigates Caldecott-award-winning books in an attempt to determine whether they attend to the pluralism and democracy that schools strive for. Finds that representations of people of color and females continue to reify cultural stereotypes. Discusses ways readers might become more sensitive to gender, class, and ethnic issues. (TB)

Descriptors: *Childrens Literature; *Cultural Awareness; *Cultural Differences;
Democracy; Elementary Education; Ethnic Stereotypes; *Females; Feminism;
*Multicultural Education; *Picture Books; Sex Stereotypes

EJ537371 CS752796
Title: Simple Lessons from Multicultural Children.
Author(s) Cunard, Joanne
Source: Reading Horizons, v37 n2 p143-54 1996
Publication Date: 1996
ISSN: 0034-0502
Document Type: Journal articles (080); Opinion papers (120); Reports--Descriptive (141)
Journal Announcement: CIJJUN1997

Discusses designing, initiating, and collecting observational data from a program designed for a multicultural inner-city kindergarten classroom to teach emergent literacy, to use picture books representing children's cultures, and to share responsibility for children's own learning by freely initiating interactions with print materials. Notes that the school system, once public, was purchased by a private company. (RS)

Descriptors: Cultural Differences; *Emergent Literacy; Inner City; Instructional Effectiveness; *Multicultural Education; Picture Books; Primary Education; Program Design; Program Implementation; Urban Education; Whole Language Approach