Figure 1.
Components of the military professional development system.

Service Branch Level

  • Mandatory inspections aligned with NAEYC accreditation criteria
  • Inspectors with extensive early childhood backgrounds
  • Emphasis on continued NAEYC accreditation


CDC Level

  • Directors with degrees and experience related to early childhood
  • Well-equipped classrooms and playgrounds
  • Emphasis on selective hiring
  • Opportunity for on-the-job training
  • "Not on your own" support and sense of community


Training & Curriculum Specialist Level

Preservice Qualifications

  • BA with early childhood credits
  • Experience with young children

Key Dispositions

  • Committed to helping caregivers learn
  • Willing to share with other T&Cs
  • How can I do this better?


Additional Direct Support for Caregivers
  • Higher initial caregiver wages
  • Raises tied to training milestones
  • Recognition for completing training


Caregiver Professional Development


  • Orientation
  • Annual training
  • Modules

As Needed

  • CDA facilitation
  • Outside training
  • Role modeling
  • Context-and person-specific feedback
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